Technology Solution


Dialer software is the best sales acceleration tool that can dial thousands of numbers automatically with no delay.

Easily integrated with any CRM system such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.


  • Real-Time Calling Data
  • Great User Experience
  • Call recordings and advanced reporting
  • Increased Agent Efficiency
  • Improved Management
  • SMS functionality
  • Adjusted to UAE regulations


In a sales context, a lead refers to the contact with a potential customer, also known as a prospect.

There is an advanced call back system that makes sure that 100% of new leads get a call from a suiting salesperson.


  • Integration with CRM
  • Integration with social media & Web Forms
  • Voice helps for Agents
  • SMS notifications before & after calls
  • Call recordings and advanced statistics

Features of Convolo Products


Convolo hosted was built to automate complex business communication processes to work hand in hand with any workflow that companies are currently using.

We created it in 2016 as a Swedish start-up and now mainly serving Enterprise organizations.


  • The foundation for our other products
  • Maximum Reliability
  • Smart Drag & Drop Interface
  • Full-fledged API easing integration
  • Automatic Voice Quality Control
  • Automatic Reconnecting
  • JavaScript snippets for developers
  • GSM FMC compatible


An AI platform is a set of services that support the machine's learning life cycle. This includes support for gathering and preparing data.

A smart messaging server uses AI-enabled features to enable rich conversational experiences. These automated chat programs, called chatbots, convert all interactions into short, simple, natural-language style and conversational messages.


A brigade of highly trained lead generation specialists who are dedicated to delivering targeted leads to grow your business competitively.

A sales lead is not a sales “prospect” per se because a business would need to examine and qualify the potential new client further to determine their intent and interest.

Boost Conversion by offering a call at peak interest

  1. Simply More Leads on Auto-Pilot
  2. Activate the Lead Hunter pop-up that converts visitors to sales calls by following your visitors until they are likely to convert and then showing an offer to talk within 55 seconds.


Sales-Booster enables e-commerce to simply and easily create a personalized experience for clients based on real-time behaviour analysis–all within your website.

To increase sales, you may have to introduce new products or services, expand your market, increase your marketing activities or improve customer service. If you are a manufacturer this could mean increasing your productivity to meet demand.