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Infolab offers modern solutions for growing your business

Genius in terms of digital marketing, bringing a new way to reach out to your clients within seconds


Who are we

Infolab-Dubai is been in the business of providing innovative IT and solutions technologies to the corporates in this challenging global era.

We pride ourselves on helping you to deliver exceptional business results within a short time-frame which have a long-lasting impact Being the exclusive global business partner of Convolo which is a Sweden based IT Company for promoting the most demanding, safest, and trusted digital marketing products such as Convolo Leads & Convolo Dialer (A lead generation and voice-data recording tool with a customized calling system)

An established company with dedicated professionals that have consistently met with a promising level of client satisfaction. Infolab offers exceptional service at an economical price and never compromises on the quality of our service.


" To be one of the world's leading data driven technology providers, information hub & connecting people using unique platforms "


“ To explore new business opportunities, ideas and technologies through meaningful innovation ”

Core Values

  • Dedicated to our customers & employees
  • Integrity
  • Gratitude
  • Innovation
  • Transparency & Trust
  • Accountability
  • Leadership


Lower the burden off your sales team. Assist your sales team with leads to increase their productivity. Besides our lead automation software, your sales team and your company will achieve a higher success rate by engaging with qualified leads while they are still highly interested in your business

  • Allow Time for Deep Work
  • Offer Regular, Data-Backed Feedback
  • Understand Each Team Member as an Individual
  • Evaluate Your Sales Compensation Plan
  • Unlike other firms who adopt unethical practices to drive up your advertising spends for smoke screen metrics; we strive to deliver the results that contribute to your business success.
  • You will only pay for each lead that we deliver at an agreed price rate before we even start doing the work.
  • Be rest assured about your marketing budget because that’s all on us!!
  • We will deliver real-time results with the correct percentage of ROI (Return of Investment)

Why waste time and effort looking for qualified leads when we can do it much quicker and at a very low competitive cost. Our lead-hunting strategies are tailored to help you identify your most wanted prospects so that you or your sales team can invest time in those that truly matter and convert them into sales.

We recommend you build your lead qualification process around these 5 key characteristics
  • Awareness of need
  • Authority and ability to buy or commit
  • Sense of urgency
  • Trust in you and your organization
  • Willingness to listen

Our Clients