Chairman's Message

‘‘We talk data expertise solutions and platforms with vast professional experiences of 26 years in FMCG, Facility Management, HR, education excellence in MBA & various other certifications along with my exceptional entrepreneurship skills evolved -Infolab

Experience in various industry an exposure to FMCG, Manpower Supply, HR Outsourcing, Management Consultancy, Financial Management, International marketing and business operations in various countries like United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Russia, Sweden and Jordan’’

Mr.Ahmad EI Khoury

Why Choose Us ?

Artificial Intelligence powered communications platform helping businesses to save time and close more deals with conversion tools, end-to-end analytics & AI-powered optimizations. We also provide cloud-based lead management solutions.

The platform integrates with AI and offers phone call leads nurturing solutions to engage leads and direct them to sales agents. It also offers automated lead follow-up & SMS marketing campaigns to engage leads for better conversions. Along with a link integration source for the email system.


What they are saying about us

‘‘A great service level is part of the core of our company and one part of that is to get back to people fast.Being able to automate follow-up within 30 seconds with Convolo is golden for us. We give even better service and get more new clients from our website’’.

Robert Hallgren